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Star Hero - Alien Race: Hurns

This is a single race designed for a Star Hero Campaign.

The Hurn are a race of humanoids that inhabit a single planet that travels around a red dwarf.

Hero System 6e Fantasy Hero: Shield - House Rules

The basic Hero System 6e Shield rules use a simple model of increasing DCV against frontal attacks. For some campaigns this is a great rule. It basically simplifies what may other wise be a more complex solution.

This article covers the house rules I use in my Fantasy Hero Campaign. The goal of these rules is to make shield use more active, increase the dramatic sense a shield can have in a game, and make the use of a shield more active during a combat experience.

Damage Types in your Fantasy Hero Campaign

One aspect of DnD 4e I like is the relationship between types of damage and defenses.

Balancing an open system

One complaint of Hero System is that its to easy to break game balance.

I think this is a valid complaint. The problem is that a system that isn't easy to break just feels to limited in how and what kind of character I can make.

So for me the trick is to develop some forms of measurement to keep things in perspective and have a way to communicate with the players about their character.

Alternate Rules for Speed

In Hero System the general rule is that your speed is the number of actions you get in 12 seconds. In most super hero campaigns this leads to some pretty dramatic activites. In a heroic game where equipment, poisons, and other "equipment" is free this can really over balance the game if a character has a very high speed.

Mythic Hero Kickstarter

Steve Long is really an admirable product development expert. His work on Hero System over the last decade plus can only be seen as an amazing amount of production. But despite his skills and the capability of the entire company Hero Games had to lay him off late last year.

Hero System in TWO Pages

HERO System basics

Authors: The Bunneh and Narf the Mouse and HTML from Bluesguy from the Hero Games Forums

This is a two page writeup on how Hero System works. Its not intended to give you anything more than an overview. You won't be able to play the game from this but it gives a good overview of how the system works.

Advances in Game Design

Having played DnD 4e for more than two years now, I and my gaming group are suffering from the same issues as when I played AD&D from 1983-1988.

DMingtips for newbs(like me)

This article is special to me because it comes from our newest blogger the TeenageDM. A 13 year old woman. Enjoy!!!

Know your players

One of the essentials to being a good DM rests on the relationship between the DM and his/her players. For instance if you are starting with a brand new group of players, it is important to learn how they wish the game to be played. If the players want the amount of role-play to be kept at a minimum then the DM must change his/her style to accommodate the player's wishes. I learned this tip before I started DMing by watching other DMs. They would ask the players questions about how they wanted the story to be played out. Such as: How difficult should the encounters be? And, How much role-playing should we do?

Tips for Good Player/DM Communication

After another short dry spell, my gaming group finally came together this past Sunday to finish off our party's trek through Maldora, a world of my own creation and one of the smaller adventures in my ongoing storyline. After the session, J brought some issues to my attention, which is what he normally does after a session.

Quick Level Advancement in Dungeons and Dragons

I’m getting ready to go on a couple week hiatus of gaming due to scheduling conflicts and Father’s Day, which will give me time to plan the next leg of our party’s journey. They’re getting ready to leave Maldora, a creepy “hell on earth” type of world with abhorrent and undead monsters, devils and demons, and some other really strange things.

No Dice

On several occasions I’ve found myself in situations where it would be fun to play Dungeons & Dragons, but I just don’t have the usual resources at hand. What comes out of that is a “game” of cooperative storytelling, with some kind of conflict resolution element.

Choices and Consequences

In my last post about the importance of entertaining the players, I talked briefly about the importance of involving the players in an interactive story and making the players’ choices matter. This article discusses interactive stories particularly the importance of choices and consequences.

Gaming Casualties: Discussing PC Death

The subject of PC death has come up a lot lately. In one of last gaming sessions before the break, our wizard died after using an area attack and rolling a critical on himself (the Gravehounds snacking on him probably didn’t help much either). Then last night, our warden was killed by Boneshard Skeleton.

Comment Spamming

We have had some recent comment spam being added to the site. In case its not obvious to everyone this isn't cool with us. While we dislike adding any kind of additional hoops to jump through to add comments we will be looking into ways we can limit or eliminate this spam.

Thanks for all the folks who use our site and we appreciate your involvement.